01/17/2012 23:14
Olé Football Department conducts evaluations in Piauí
01/17/2012 18:13
Olé loses to Atlético-PR and says goodbye to Copa SP
01/16/2012 03:32
Olé Brasil faces another decision this Tuesday
01/15/2012 19:03
Olé / Commercial Rating: Under-15, Under-17 and Under-18
01/14/2012 17:20
Olé Brasil beats Uberlândia and qualifies for the São Paulo Cup
13/01/2012 06:40
FC Astana from Kazakhstan makes pre-season at Olé Brasil
13/01/2012 00:20
Olé Brasil takes on Uberlândia in the second phase of Copinha
01/12/2012 07:29
Olé Brasil, Comercial and Ji-Paraná will hold tournaments in Rondônia
11/01/2012 17:41
Olé Brasil wins Fluminense and guarantees in the second phase
10/01/2012 07:55
Olé Brasil plays for classification in Copinha
10/01/2012 01:24
Olé Brasil partners with Ji-Paraná and gets two reinforcements
08/01/2012 23:27
Olé Brasil draw and decide classification in the last game
05/01/2012 23:57
Olé Brasil wins in São Paulo Junior Cup debut
04/01/2012 06:40
Olé Brasil debuts in the São Paulo Junior Football Cup
02/01/2012 14:46
Olé Brasil will play under-20 tournament in Italy in February
28/12/2011 21:23
Highlights of Olé are confident in good performance in Copa SP
12/22/2011 08:42
Olé Sub-18 wins the last friendly before the SP Junior Football Cup
12/15/2011 22:27
Olé Brasil draw friendly in preparation for Copa SP Júnior
12/12/2011 05:56
Official School of Ribeirão promotes Soccer Clinic for young people
12/12/2011 01:38
Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Estação do Alto
12/12/2011 01:29
Olé Social/Poty Closing Party
09/12/2011 07:36
Olé Brasil wins new friendly in preparation for Copa SP Júnior
06/12/2011 05:33
Olé Social/Poty visits the Olé Brasil Sports Complex
12/03/2011 20:14
Official Note – Goodbye Socrates
02/12/2011 04:00
Olé Social plays friendly games with Escola Oficial
11/24/2011 19:41
Olé Brasil draw friendly in preparation for Copa SP Júnior
11/23/2011 20:01
Olé Social plays friendly games with Escola Oficial
11/21/2011 18:06
Olé carries out assessments at the Official School of Campinas
11/18/2011 06:40
Olé Brasil says goodbye to young Haitians
07/11/2011 00:49
Olé Brasil wins friendly preparation for Copa São Paulo
03/11/2011 10:12
Olé Brasil plays friendly games in preparation for Copa São Paulo
10/31/2011 02:08
Olé Brasil suffers comeback and is eliminated from Paulista under-17
27/10/2011 00:58
Olé Brasil visits the Social Center in Potirendaba
26/10/2011 04:28
Olé Brasil sub17 faces Paulista for the return game of the quarterfinals
10/24/2011 20:59
Olé held a sieve to evaluate under-15 boys – 10/21/11
23/10/2011 23:36
Olé Brasil meets group of Copa SP de Futebol Júnior 2012
21/10/2011 06:47
Nucleus Jd. Airport welcomes Olé Social de Guatapará in friendly match
10/19/2011 10:17
Olé Brasil with focus on Paulista Sub17 quarterfinals
10/15/2011 10:56
Leader and undefeated, Olé Brasil is in the quarterfinals of Paulista Sub17
10/13/2011 08:45
Olé Brasil plays for a draw at Paulista Sub17
10/11/2011 08:22
Olé Brasil went to Africa to select athletes
10/11/2011 01:16
Haitians from Olé Academy will meet Pacaembu for the 1st time
10/10/2011 08:58
Olé opens franchise of the Official School in the city of Campinas
10/10/2011 02:47
Olé Brasil draws with Red Bull and remains leader in Paulista Sub17
10/10/2011 00:11
Olé Brasil starts training with boys from the U14 team project
06/10/2011 09:16
Olé Brasil faces Red Bull for the leadership of Paulista Sub17
03/10/2011 01:42
Olé Brasil sub17 draws with Lusa at CT Santa Íria
29/09/2011 15:10
Olé Brasil opens full-time school
28/09/2011 10:13
Olé Brasil can advance in Paulista Sub17 this weekend
26/09/2011 20:56
Núcleo do Olé Social arrives at Jardim Manoel Penna football ‘school’